Today was the big day, Vanessa and me went to Süderschmedeby to visit one of Germany’s biggest artisany fairs.

The Norddeutscher Kunsthandwerkermarkt exists since 29 years now, that says quite a lot! Sellers from all over Germany and some neighboring countries were there. It is on the land around an old farm building, which now is a restaurant with a gallery.

We had a small “etsy meeting” with Petronella, she came with her hubby and their dog, Peggy.

I won’t spend much more words, here is the photo gallery with captions for every photo!


There were two more features of my photos today!

My latest shop addition was published in Diane Miller’s blog with selected photos from the “Photographers of Etsy”-team.

The second feature I got was on the great website Photoshop for Artists, which I didn’t know before. Webmaster Carl found me in Flickr. So thank you Carl, for showing my reeds photo and for introducing me to your website!

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