On Saturday in the late afternoon we decided that we should go somewhere. I got my camera and we jumped into the car driving to Denmark, to the northern side of Flensburg Fjord.

We drove until the town of Broager with it’s beautiful two-tower church and turned south on a peninsula, until we reached a parking area beside a café. To escape the noise of a near-by restaurant we went a bit long the beach.

Over hills of sea weed with stones, rocks and small branches we walked along the water. Van collected some of those weird formed branches or roots for decoration.

From the beach we had a great view to the coast of Schleswig-Holstein, not too far from where my grandparents live. The Fjord itself was full of sailing boats, some with beautiful sails.

We stayed around for about 30 minutes and headed back, passing by a small part of eroded soil forming a “mini-cliff” with exposed stones and some cute plants growing on top.

From the peninsula we continued on the main road to Sønderborg, where we got our nose out in the harbour with some cute fishing boats and many german yachts. The town looks nice, we will return some day to explore it more.

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