2012 was a wonderful year. I found dozens of beautiful corners around home, many of which I would never have discovered had I not ventured into a project that kept my explorer spirit cooking. For one year, I promised (mostly myself) to create and publish one weekly photo of the beautiful area around the Schlei inlet between the Baltic Sea and the town where we lived then, Schleswig.

Well, here I go again. In 2013 we moved north, to the next inlet, fjord, firth, or whatever the correct English name for our Flensburger Förde might be. So, during last month’s dark winter nights (and days…) there was this urge to go out and shoot, but the warm bed or the cozy sofa won most of the time… Once again, I needed something to push me, kick my butt to leave home and just take photos. It helps that Van also got infected by the photography virus and will surely join me on most of the trips (as in 2012, but back then her role was more that of an advisor, now it’s real competition! ? ).

I’ll start at a rather obvious place – Flensburg, my hometown and Germany’s northernmost city, at the very end of the Flensburger Förde. This pretty view of the inner harbor area and the western part of the city was taken tonight and can be seen from Volkspark, a foresty park on a hill. Close to the center is Marienkirche, and the illuminated building behind is my dad’s old school, Altes Gymnasium.

I hope you’ll join me on my little adventure! You can follow me on the map below.

Do you have any projects planned for 2016 yet? Let us know and let’s take the challenge together!

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