I may certainly be a beginner when it comes to Milkyway photography, but just the process of taking the photos alone out there in the night, with just the sound of the light waves washing to the beach, is a great experience. I’m afraid the conditions were not perfect (the moon was already in half and surprisingly bright), but I’m quite happy with this panoramic view of the Milkyway above the Flensburger Förde as seen from Holnis beach. The bright planet to the lower right side is Mars, and a bit to the left at about the same height is Saturn, a little less bright.

The panorama was stiched together in photoshop from a series of portrait format photos, because with my widest lens (17mm on a crop format camera) I can only capture a small part of the Milkyway. I might take a second approach after the summer solstice, when the nights are getting darker again.

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