One of the iconic structures at the Flensburger Förde is the former pier in Nieby, a part of the village Neukirchen. It looks quite massive and ancient, which would only fit, considering the village’s history: Some 400 years ago a duke started to build his very own town at the beginning of the Flensburger Förde, with a church and a trade harbour and all – but he died before his project was finished and his sons were just fighting between each other. So the small village remained a small village, and only during the time of the tax free boat trips on the Baltic Sea in the 20th century until 1994 attracted some tourists – that was the time when the pier was built – in 1978. After those trips were prohibited, the pier was no longer needed and removed, except for the very sturdy structure that is still left today.

Some more of the village’s interesting history can be found here (in German).

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