Hooray, after one week I finally had time to create a slideshow with photos from the Etsy meeting in Hamburg.

We arrived a bit late due to heavy traffic on Hamburgs streets but still found a place in “Herr Max”, a nice little cafe in St. Pauli. Some more people arrived after us, and in the end we were around 15 people. Matt welcomed us with a tote bag designed by himself and the offer of cake and drinks on Etsy’s bill. Thank you, the cakes were delicious!

We came just in time to hear the secret plans which Matt was revealing. International currencies will be supported very soon, which will make things much more comfortable for users outside the US.

The other big thing will be translations. The shopping process and some other pages will be available in different languages in some months. (If everything works as planned. They are still thinking about the best way to implement it, but it will probably detect where you come from. Translations will be optional, though.)

After this great info the chatting started. We had some nice talks and delivered our little gifts (a buddha photo print from me and a pencil pouch from Vanessa) to Marie and Matt. The 2-and-a-half hours passed much too fast!

You can see the photos here. The photo on the top is Dodie from Germany Streetteam member GusandOllie. All photos were taken with my new Pentax K20D, which arrived just minutes before we left in Schleswig. More on that another time.

Oh, one more thing… the photo contest ends today (Friday), so if you didn’t vote yet, now is your last chance! (I also wouldn’t complain about a second vote…) Reliable sources tell me I have good chances to make it to the top 15, which would mean taking part in a photo course with the popular german photographer Heinz Teufel. A big thank you for everyone who voted so far!

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