On Saturday we made a quick trip to Odense in Denmark. It is a beautiful small(ish) city on the island Fyn,

Odense is mostly known for being the home of the famous writer of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen (who wrote the Little Mermaid, for example). We visited the excellent museum about his life, built around his birth house in the old part of the city.

In what is believed to be the room of his family in that house (about 3×3 meters for 5 people if I remember correctly!) they had this box filled with a shoemaker’s tools – Andersens father was making and repairing shoes.

The light coming from behind through the window supports the dreamy feeling of old times that this photo has for me. Even if in reality life was everything but romantic. Andersens life is excellently documented in this great museum.

More photos of this trip will follow once I find the time to work on them.

Photo data: Pentax K20D, 50 mm manual lens, f1.7, 1/40 second and ISO 500.

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