Today we made a little trip to try the two new tires on our car (they were urgently needed, on Saturday the first one ran flat). We basically drove around the western half of the Schlei, crossing in the bridge of Lindaunis (which was opening to let boats pass through, giving us a break of 15 minutes), took a walk in the beautiful town Sieseby, made a shopping stop in Eckernförde and arrived just in time for the sunset on top of Aschberg, a great viewpoint in the hills south of Schleswig, Hüttener Berge.

A beautiful sunset, in a great deep red thanks to the slight mist/dust in the atmosphere after this totally sunny day.

Photo data: Pentax K20D, 50-200 mm lens at 200 mm, f8, 1/400 second and ISO 800.

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