Here’s something pretty different for today. I guess this might be my image with the darkest mood so far… and I have to say: I like it. I was never totally happy with the photo, even if I love the dramatic angle. What bothered me most was the totally white sky.

Yesterday I finally had the (quite obvious) idea to change the sky for something more interesting. And from there on things evolved quite automatically. Somehow I always had some of the darker Harry Potter scenes in mind while fiddling around with the photo… finally I could create the look that satisfied me.

This is the ruin tower of Nikolaikirche/St. Nikolai church in Hamburg, by the way, from where I took this photo some minutes later.

Photo data: Pentax K100D, 18-55 mm lens at 18 mm, f10, 1/20 second and ISO 400.

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