Today’s photo is taken at the beach close to Waabs, on the baltic sea near Eckernförde. I was testing the “black card technique” here (as described here on Flickr), but the effect of the darkened sky was lost again in the black-and-white conversion. I don’t mind in this case, bright skys don’t bother me that much in black and white photographs.

Again it was the graphic quality of this photo which let me try a monochromatic processing. The strong lines of the way, the grass on the edge on the right side (behind which it is going down to the beach) and the border of the field make nice lines which are leading into the photo.

I’ll think I’ll make it a habit to post a monochromatic image on fridays… why not.

Photo data: Pentax K20D with DA 18-55 mm AL II lens at 32.5 mm, f 7.1, 3 seconds and ISO 350.

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