Another photo from that beautiful morning in late November, just a bit more than one week ago. How things changed… now everything is covered by a thick layer of snow here.

After I was walking through the fields for several hours finally the veil of fog lifted and made the trees and bushes with their frost covered branches shine in the low winter sun. What a difference to the mysterious atmosphere of a few moments before! Everything seemed clear and frosty now. I also like the contrast of the strong curved lines in the foreground and the small details of the trees.

I just downloaded the trial version of Unified Color’s HDR Express and gave it a try with the three exposures I had of this scene. HDR was not really needed for this image, as the differences of brightness were not that dramatic, but at least it gave me the chance to quickly try out the new surface. Pretty easy and fast, I have to say! Nice for a quick HDR conversion without having to fiddle with hundreds of sliders. It comes with different tonemapping presets to chose from that then can be fine-tuned in their basic settings.

Photo data: Pentax K20D, 50-200 mm lens at 125 mm, f11, 3 exposures, ISO 200.

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