Today’s constantly changing sky promised some interesting light for the end of the day. So around 1 hour before sunset I went out to the Schlei. On my way I saw a beautiful, very thick rainbow that was going almost straight down from a cloud to the ground. Sadly, it was not possible to catch it in a good looking way from my position.

Instead, I walked all the way across the Reesholm peninsula. We were not able to finish this walk all summer, because of the clouds of mosquitos. Today’s wind kept them away from me. The slalom around the snails was a challenge, though.

I was not disappointed by the sky. Even if the sun didn’t come through the clouds completely, it still provided enough light to paint some color in the clouds and make the rocks glow. The use of my graduated neutral density filter helped me get the most out of the scene, allowing for a brighter exposed foreground without washing out the details in the clouds.

I also used my “grey” filter here to extend the exposure time and get soft water. That piece of Chinese plastic is everything except grey though, painting the sky in surrealistic magenta tones. Some use of Lightroom’s graduated filters solved that problem.

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