At the beginning of each month I want to thank you all with a little freebie: A desktop wallpaper with a calendar of the respective month. For the right September (and hopefully late summer) mood, I selected the spider photo I showed some days ago.

So far it comes in two sizes: 1280×1024 and 1280×800 (coincidently, those are the resolutions of the two computers in our household). If you have a different resolution and want to use this wallpaper, just drop a comment below and I’ll fix it for you!

The calendar and logo were made by Vanessa. Thank you!

The easiest way to get the file is to right click and click on “save as…” or something close to that.

1280×800 Pixels
1280×1024 Pixels

Don’t forget to put your thoughts and ideas into the comments, I’m just starting with this calendar thing, so I’m open for critics!

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