Last weekend we had some deer action. On friday night we were in the protected area of Duvenstedter Brook, where red deer are living freely. It’s the end of rutting season, and we hoped to hear and see some of the spectacle.

We were lucky, as a group of deers appeared on a wide open area – sadly on the opposite side of it, covered by rising fog and sinking darkness. Still we could hear the male’s impressive voice and I could take this documentary shot with ISO 12800 and 1/8 of a second.

On saturday things got easier: We visited a small game reserve at the border of Hamburg, Klövensteen. Here the fellow deer are used to people and were waiting for acorns and chestnuts.


Their rutting season has begun now, and on very early Sunday morning (before sunrise) I was hiding on an open area inside the forest in Idstedt, just out of Schleswig. Sadly, I didn’t see any deer, except some shadows moving between the trees. I could hear them crossing into the deeper forest, passing invisibly quite close to me. An impressive experience nonetheless.

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