This abstract photograph was actually a happy accident. I had planned to take macro photos of a water drop falling into water. That turned out to be extremely difficult with my self-made macro (one lens attached head-to-head to another one). The focussing is made with moving the camera forwards and backwards, the sharp area might be 1 millimeter deep. And the magnification is too strong. I only got to capture blurry drops, half-way out of the frame.

But still I got some appealing photos, taken in the moments I reacted too slow and missed the drop (I guess now I failed in every way possible). Surprise – the movement of the water and the colors created an interesting abstract photograph! The greenish-bluish tone came thanks to a glass put behind the bowl of water, lit by a flash from the right. The red area is the reflection of a flash put far away on the left side, shot through a red glass.

Photo data: Pentax K20D, with a 40mm lens at f2.8 attached head-on-head to a 50mm lens at f 1.7. 1/100 second and ISO 200.

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