Why a blog?

I see it as a possibility to make myself think more about my own photography.

Maybe I should begin with presenting myself: I am a beginning journalist at a daily newspaper, and taking my own photographs needed for the news I’m covering. One year before I first came in touch with working as a journalist I was on a student exchange in Turku, Finland in the first half of 2006. I had my Canon A60 – 2 megapixels compact digicam with me and used it heavily. That was the time when I really got into trying to take more than just snapshots. It was also the time of my first blog, to keep the family and friends at home up to date. And I got hooked on photography!

I soon realized that my camera would not take me far on my attempts. For almost one year I was scanning all photo-magazines I could find, first thinking to get one of those bridge-cameras, but the more I read the more I realized I wanted more. So in summer 2007 I got a DSLR, and until today I am still using it: A Pentax K100D. It offered incredible value for the price, including very few noise on the 6mp-Sensor, a kit-lens with reasonable build quality, in-camera shake-reduction and the possibility to use every Pentax lens ever made. It might get a bit old by now, but until I can afford a newer model I’m just fine with it. Of course I’m trying to keep up to date with Pentax camera news, and I’ll share my thoughts about it if it makes sense.

My favourite field in photography is nature. I love being out in the forests or at the coast and capture the soul of the landscape, at least trying my best to do so. I plan on presenting the area around here (the very north of Germany, between North Sea and Baltic Sea) and my tries to capture it’s beauty and hidden treasures on this blog,  as well as on my website.

Also, if possible I’ll take my camera to concerts to take photos there. At work of course most photos include people, and I plan on learning more on lighting, with one of my main readings at the moment being the archives of the Strobist blog. I’ll show my first humble and low-budget steps soon.

So, that’s me. Welcome to my photography blog!

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