I don’t remember when was the last time we had that much snow a few days before Christmas around here… since thursday the area between Schleswig and the Danish border got a white blanket between 10 and 30 centimeters, temperatures are around -7°.

We went to a small area of hills and forest close to Flensburg, Fröruper Berge. It was close to sunset when we arrived at 15.30. Walking along the fields and heading towards a higher viewpoint we saw the fog rising in front of the disappearing sun, a beautiful and rare sight!

On the side of the road, between animal tracks and backlit by the sun, was also this dry fern looking out of the snow.

I took the flash as well and was trying it in the forest, for this little mossy trunk with it’s snowy hat. The Yongnuo RF-602 flash remote performed without any problems in the cold by the way… inside the forest it was still around -5° celsius!

The white balance on this photo was set to tungsteen (lightbulb) light, to make the background (or: areas not lit by the flash) blueish. A gel on the flash neutralized it’s light so that the trunk appears in it’s natural color. My wife was holding the flash camera left beside/behind the trunk:

I am keeping on experimenting with the little flash thingie.. it’s certainly big fun!

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